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Child Nutrition … coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Hot! Topics

  1. Liz Willome

    Hey Meg! Sweet Blog you got going here. It’s really quite informative. So, I’ve always been curious to know just how toxic aspartame really is. Being you are a RD and continually doing research, I thought maybe you would be able to dig up some information that I might not otherwise be able to. Thanks! =)

    • Hi Liz! Thank you for the suggestion! That is a great idea and I know there is a lot of controversy around that topic. I’ll blog about it soon and see what I can “dig up”! ~Meg

  2. Mary Lynn

    I’m really enjoying this blog and learning how helpful spices can be to my health. I will definitely start using more cumin. By the way, although I am enjoying your paragraph style, I like the quick and easy reading of your new style. thanks for the info on sweetners, I have always been convinced of your opinion and findings.

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